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ASME Spotlight Presentations

Each month, a short "ASME Spotlight" presentation and script will be made available to our student section leaders across the globe on topics that will help your section’s members understand more about the opportunities and benefits that ASME offers before and after graduation.  These ASME Spotlight are designed for student section leaders to present to your members during one of your section's meetings or activities during the indicated month or whenever the next general meeting or activity is held.

Spotlight: Community Impact

This spotlight focuses on using engineering for the benefit of humanity…which is ASME’s mission. This spotlight provides information on some of the ways that ASME carries out its mission as well as a few current opportunities for students. I request that your student section’s leadership team presents the ASME Spotlight during one of your section’s meetings or activities before February 16, as some of the information is time sensitive.

Script for Presenter


Spotlight: Scholarships + Accessing Member Benefits

**note: students must be members to apply. Promo code SECTION should be used for a 25% discount.**

Script for Presenter


Scholarship Promotional Material

Scholarship flyers, social media graphics and text, email templates, and more!



We can help! Contact your Section Coordinator for assistance.