Section Operations Team

Have a question about Professional or Student Sections? We're a team of experienced professionals dedicated to advancing local ASME sections. Contact us for assistance!

Chelsea Cook
Section Coordinator

Professional Sections: Northwest U.S. & Canada, Southwest U.S. & Mexico, Southeast U.S.

Shawn Miller
Section Coordinator

Professional & Student Sections: Southwest US & Mexico, Asia Pacific, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East & Africa

Sidi N'Dioubnan
Section Coordinator

Professional Sections: Midwest US & Canada, Northeast US & Canada, Southeast US Professional & Student Sections: Europe

Janice Parker
Student Section Coordinator

Student Sections: North America (Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest)

Evelyn Taylor

Professional Sections: Northwest US & Canada

Ty Booker
Senior Manager, Programming & Engagement

Christina Johns
Senior Data & Business Process Analyst